Warranty expirey date : 16.05.2013

Well,  it seems that my warranty has expired.

Starting to wear out

A couple of months ago I treated myself to a new pair glasses.  My previous pair of glasses, sure were pretty badly scratched so I figured a new pair might be good.  Seems my eyesight might have .. um .. deteriorated a tad in the past 10 years or so.  With the new glasses text is now sharper, and the ink a much deeper shade.  That I can deal with.  It’s been a while since I used my glasses anyway.  The old pair were more trouble than they were worth.

My adventures this week were a lot more dramatic.

After a dog walk on Tuesday I nearly made it home before it felt like I’d sprained my ankle.  Rest, elevation and an  ice pack sorted it out, but we did notice that the angle bone was more prominent than normal.  Some weird stress fracture?  Same thing happened Wednesday too.  That’s a little too much weirdness so I made an appointment  with the work’s doctor for Thursday.   As I’m learning now; trip to the doctors in Finland = Blood test.

The happy side effect of this was I got to start my summer holiday a couple of days early.  The down side is that, as my family will know, I’d rather see my guitar put through a masher before having a doctor start grabbing my feet.  Turns out it doesn’t matter if that doctor is Finnish or British, they’re all at risk of me flailing around defensively.

Today was the follow-up appointment when I had ultrasound and x-rays taken with another doctor.  The pain and lump on my ankle bone turned out to be a 2cm ganglion cyst, probably caused by my new shoes.  Ironic really, as I was only the day before ribbing a very good friend mercilessly for the same thing.  The doctor was typically Finnish and pragmatic, and informed me that it’s wasn’t going to sort itself out, so it’ll need to be drained.  My foot.  Doctor.  Needles.  Perfect way to start the holidays.

Long story short, Doc. did a great job with a jumpy foreigner.  The cyst was drained with minimum fuss (I did ask for a local anaesthetic) in a matter in minutes which was just in time for my flight-or-flight response to kick-start itself.  As he announced that everything was done and I could sit, I mentioned I might like to lie down for a minute still as I feel a little dizzy.  I think he dropped the head of the bed so fast I nearly slid off.

After my adrenalin levelled out I went to see the first doctor to get my blood test results.  Everything fine.  Except one.  Turns out that at 482 (limit is 480 and normal is 350) my P-Uraat level means I’ve an increased risk of gout.  The disease of kings, of old men with a joint of ham in one hand and a flagon of port in the other.  How on earth do I get it?  Turns out the risk factors amongst the predictable red meat / poultry (read 70% of Finnish food) includes soya and being middle aged.  Middle aged.  Middle aged!  Middl .. bugger off.

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