Used car – 25,000 €: How much am I worth?

After a few grumpy posts I figure it’s time for something a little more meaningful.  This article has been in the draft folder for a good few months now, and I keep meaning to try and finish it.  Why not now?

I saw Todd White explain the following argument in one of the many Youtube clips there are of him floating around, I just can’t find it right now.

It goes something like this.

Imagine if I tried to sell you my car.  It’s worn out, rusty, 15 years old with 300k on the clock, no M.O.T./Katsastus and needs about 750 € worth of repairs.  A mass produced family car and not unique in any way.  For this once in a life-time opportunity I’d like 25,000 €.

If I placed something like this in the used car section of a newspaper, I would dumbfounded if anyone rang me, let alone took me up on the offer.  Were I to try and sell you my used left sock for 200 €, I reckon you’d also decline the offer.

You see, we only pay for something what it is worth.

My last post was just a tongue-in-cheek nod to how rough I look most days when commuting to and from work.  There are other posts on this site which point towards my inner struggle with self-worth.  Many of us have this skeleton in the closet, and very few of us openly talk about it.  Over the years, Mother Duck has helped me get most of the bones out of the cupboard and sent off to wherever skeletons-in-closets go when they’ve been taken out of said closet.

Eco-centre?  No idea.

The point is that sometimes I feel pretty good about myself and sometimes times I feel less good about myself.  My perception of my own worth fluctuates wildly.  There is no solid point of reference.  It all depends on how I feel, what mood I am in.  Do I feel that I’ve done well or have I once again missed the too high mark which I’ve set for myself?  I judge myself, and often judge myself as wanting.

From my perspective as a Jesus follower, it’s worth noting at this point that when I judge myself, I am presuming that I am able to do a better job at this than God.  I am eating from the tree of knowledge, not the tree of life.

And here’s the Jesus twist; we know we only pay for something what it’s worth and ..

Jesus sacrificed absolutely everything for me.  He irrefutably stated my worth for ever when He paid the very highest price and gave up his life for me.

That’s the measure of my worth and it goes for you, too.

What thoughts came to you after reading this?

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