US Senate gives approval for gay marriage

So .. when I read this I went through a whole range of emotions over a few short minutes.  Ranging from, “Is this April 1st?” to “How do explain my own perspective?”.  On one hand I am freaking out a little, on the other hand .. I’m only freaking out a little.

I think the reason this has unsettled me is that it is a fairly major change which seems to have come out of the blue.  If the American Senate can approve this, what else will they approve?  Will this be a watershed moment for the rest of the world?

The thing is, at the end of the day; this worry?  It’s “all about me”.  I’m just scared that if I take a public stance on marriage which is informed by the Bible and my faith, then I will be labelled as a bigot or homophobic.  People might not like me.  They might be mean to me.  Boo-hoo.

Close eyes.  Deep breath. And relax.

To be honest, I had to double-check the meaning of “bigot”.

Bigot: a person who has strong, unreasonable beliefs and who thinks that anyone who does not have the same beliefs is wrong.

Are my beliefs unreasonable?  I don’t think so.  They are informed by the bible which informs many other of my beliefs which held to be more than reasonable.

Would I say that people who hold beliefs which are contrary to those in the bible are wrong?  Depends on what you hold to be true.  I think I’ll go get a cushion to make the fence comfy.  The short answer is “Yes.”.  The longer answer is “People are entitled to their own beliefs, just I am entitled to my own beliefs.”.  There could even be an interesting debate here around the concept of “homosexual bigotry”; that the beliefs held by gay people that it is wrong for a Christian to believe that gay marriage is biblically unsupportable.

And there is the homophobe label …

homophobe: a person who hates or is afraid of homosexuals or treats them badly

Um .. nope.  I don’t hate homosexuals, not afraid of them and don’t treat them badly.  Or at least not any worse than I treat anyone else when I’m having a bad day, and definitely not based on their sexual preferences.

Is God happy with the idea of an active homosexual relationship?  I can’t find anything supporting that in the bible, so I’m gonna have to say “no” to that one.  Does God love gay people people? Absolutely.  With an undying passion.  With trail of wreckage I sometimes seem to leave behind me, since God can love me then I’ve no doubt He loves gay people too.

Do I hate the people I have met who have told me they are gay?  No. Gosh no.  Do I bash them around their head with a bible and tell them that they are sinners and bang on about their need for Christ?  Nope.  I don’t do that for anyone else, so why them?   Do I tell them God loves them or try to show them that love as I would do for anyone else?  Yes.  For sure.  Why on earth wouldn’t I?

So, nope, Not a bigot.  Not homophobic.  I just can’t  find a biblical foundation for the concept of gay marriage.  To be honest, I truly believe that it’s completely possible for me to stay true to my faith, and have as my friends folks who don’t want, for what ever reason, anything to do with God.  If they don’t want to my friend on the grounds of what I believe, then that might not actually be my problem.

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