This thing about so much hatred towards Donald Trump.

Let’s get one thing straight. I personally don’t have very much time for Trump. I don’t like his politics or his method for communicating his thoughts. To me, he seems brash, childish, and arrogant. There are also a whole bunch of unsavoury names I could call him. What I am trying to work out now is what’s the best way to respond.

What I am worried about though is that, if someone who is could be emotionally immature and unstable experiences crowds of people shouting and showing abuse towards him, how is that going to affect him? What’s going to happen inside his mind and heart? I can’t see him thinking, “Crap .. maybe all these people have a point! Maybe I should take a look at myself in the mirror?”.

Take a look at this video, and see if you can see a similarity between Trump, and the way many in the world behave towards him, and the way the monster is treated.

Ok .. so the video is aimed at children, but there is so much truth there.

No matter who we are, if we are faced with hatred and insults on a daily basis, what is that going to do to us? Will bring out good fruit from us, or will it turn us bitter and angry?

Once in a while I screw up to varying degrees. My preferred way is that someone would come along side me with the words, “Dude ..Have you a moment? I need to talk with you about something. When you ….. … .. and so on …”. This approach is more likely to make me receptive to a course correction (think about steering a huge ship). The other approach is to greet me with a protest outside of my work place with placards saying:

Your servers suck!

You are an IT clown with no skill!

We hate you! (Because your maintenance break caused too much downtime).

Ok .. so my placards would look more in place on the “IT Crowd” TV show, but do you see the point?

I consider myself an emotional mature guy, who for the most part is wearing his Big Boy Pants, but if I got only negative feedback, hatred, and insults as result of my best efforts I’d start to hate my job and colleagues pretty damn quickly.

So, Trump …

How should we protest? And we are entitled to protest. We are entitled to, and should be encouraged to, enter into active debates with those who govern us. Those who are voted into power are not given cart blanche to act as they want, and we are entitled to give our feedback of their performance.

Within the the bounds of free speech and the right to protest, how much of this do I feel I could or share share or publish.

Thing is, peaceful protest I am all for, and when people are pissed off, as many are with Trumps antics, the idea of free speech allows them to be really creative with how they protest, how they express how they feel. But how far can we take this? Placards and chants which express our feelings about facts a policy and events are one thing. But when we are just throwing out insults, are we not behaving as badly as he does?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have a fairly low impression of Mr. Trump, and of his professional acumen as a president. I think he takes things personally and it prone to lash out without thought, like a child. This is presumably the thinking behind the the Trump Baby Blimp.

Compare the two photos above, and the next two.

I don’t honestly think any of the four images will have any great positive effect on Trump. The first two are insulting, and the second at best might lodge in his mind for a fleeting moment, and they too will be lost.

But, the effect on the general populace – that is another matter. The first two images allow us to vent, and even revel in our loathing for Trump, thus lowering ourselves to his level. The second pair of images critically highlight the issues at hand, and encourage us to be better.

We can giggle for moment at the site of lone woman holding a rude insult, or at the image of Trump in a nappy, with a phone held in his small thumbed hands, but then the moment is gone. The amount we can engage with them is momentary chuckle and no more. This in stark contrast to the posters highlighting climate change and human rights. These two issues are ones which we can engage with today, tomorrow, next week, and for the rest of our lives.

And .. many many weeks later, I am gonna publish this. Trump still still seem to go from strength to strength in his apparent incompetence, and still he is in power. Our insults did nothing. Our protests seem to achieve nothing. He is still there, tweeting out absurdities.

Or maybe the weight of our protest is having an effect. The wheels of the American justice system are turning, and slowly but surely those around Trump are being brought before the courts, and one day we can hope, that Trump too will have his day in court.

## Thoughts/notes which I couldn’t get into the post ..

There is bit in the bible I’ve referred to before, that to call someone even a fool is risk the fires of hell (Matthew 5:22).

There are folks in the USA who have voted for, and actively support Trump – are they are often tarred with the same brush as Trump, and also become the butt of jokes.

What thoughts came to you after reading this?

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