Things I’ve learned from cycling in the snow.

1.  The silly soft stuff really does get in the way.

2.  Don’t cycle on the freshly prepared cross-country skiing routes unless I want a ski pole shoved where the sun doesn’t shine.

3.  I feel hard-core and Rambo until some old guy on a 40 year old single-gear “Tunturi” trundles past.

Old Lady

4.  I still want to overtake anything that is moving.

5.  I need ballistics glasses when it is snowing.

6.  Fresh snow no longer looks pretty and magical.  It looks like a damn hard ride home.

7.  Going downhill doesn’t feel like cycling, more like sledging on two wheels.

8.  When shopping for snow tyres I bought the “normal” 37-40mm width tyres to minimise the resistance when going along.  The first bit of fresh snow on an uphill made me wish I’d bought the biggest pair of tractor tyres money can buy!


9.  Dropping down a gear on the rear set is ok, but changing down on the front is a sign weakness and defeat.

10.  Freewheeling down hill is ok, but freewheeling on the flat is a sign of weakness and defeat.

11.  After cycling long enough and hard enough to get home, I realise I am only half way there.

12.  I glance smugly at the drivers stuck in traffic as I power my way through the snow and past the traffic jam.

13.  I really wish I was in a warm dry car as those smug buggers effortlessly cruise past.

14.  Wishing I was in a car is a sign of weakness and defeat.

15.  Asphalt is bliss.

16.  In the spring, cycling with summer tyres, clean pavements and massive legs muscles is going to be AWESOME!!

17.  Red lights stopping me from crossing at a junction are a guilty pleasure.

18.  Recovering my balance after a near fall is a sign of being one with the bike.

[ update ] 18b.  Not recovering my balance is a sign of weakness and defeat.

19.  Pushing, carrying, pulling my bike over deep slushy snow is ok.  I just pretend I am a cyclo-cross rider.

20.  All pedestrians, cyclists, trees, bus stops, ditches had better get out of the way NOW.  I have no idea if the steering works any more.

21.  Toe clips.

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