The Orlando Pulse shootings.


That’s about the only word I can find for this.

[edit] This is a quick, and very frank, rant about just how I feel. I was pretty annoyed when I wrote this, so it’s fairly unfiltered and not as thought through as I would like.  I am not American, I am not a member of the LGBT community, I am Christian, I am white, I don’t own a gun .. but .. I am gutted.

Why do I mention my qualifications, or lack of them?  Who I am.  What I am.  What I am not.  Because the shooting in nightclub has flagged up so many issues.  The gender/sexuality card is being raised, the race card, the religion card, the gun ownership card, IS, politics .. it’s just a nightmare.  There are a whole load of expletives which I want to use to emphasise just how much of a nightmare.

Because this massacre touches so many areas, it feels impossible to make a fully informed comment.  Ban guns?  Offer prayers?  Be a Facebook warrior for a day?  Rage against IS?  Round up all the terrorists?

Gutted.  Sickened actually.

Anyone with half a brain-cell will be able to see this was what is now called a hate-crime.  Someone hated gay people, so they took a crap load of fire power to a nightclub and unleashed death.

I just can’t even ..


People died.  For no sensible reason.  And I just can’t get my head around it.

When all is said and done, at the end of the day, a man [edit] swearing allegiance to ISIS used a powerful firearm to kill 49 other [edit] gay people.  [edit] But the main thing to me seems to be that he bought that gun legally.  He bought the gun legally because in America, you can buy lethal weapons pretty much over the counter.

[edit] Over the counter?  America – WHAT ON EARTH??

As if we haven’t got enough rubbish coming from you with your presidential candidates, you have to throw this in the mix as well?

NRA, The 2nd amendment .. This is where I now really start to lose it.   I’ve read a few useful comments and articles over the past few days, so now let me add my voice to the media static.  Some of you American gun-ownsers are so hell-bent on hanging onto your personal arsenals, that we outside of ‘mericu are just quite frankly stunned.  Why do you even have firearms stashed all over the place?  Oh right, yeah – the 2nd Amendment.

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Fine, keep your guns.  This was set in stone by Jefferson on December 15, 1791.  Oh wait, no .. it was written on paper 225 years ago, and you guys hang on to it like your lives depend on it.  In Europe we haven’t got this, and to be honest we don’t really shoot each other that much either – it just seems rude.

225 years ago.  Seriously? Has America not grown up even a little in that time?  Is the situation which necessitated the 2nd Amendment still going on?  From over here, it seems like you need some kind of well regulated something-or-other to keep you guys from going ape and filling each other with lead every five minutes.  A Sheriff with his pose of Deputies on horseback?  Feels like it sometimes.

With rights comes responsibilities.  Not even gonna start on a Ben Parker homily, this is basic stuff.  You want the right to bear arms?  Show us that you are responsible enough to carry a gun without even shooting yourselves, let alone other people.  I’ve lost track of the number of “funny” videos of American gun owners literally shooting themselves in the foot with their own gun.

If my kids behaved like this?  As any parent will tell you, when kids start squabbling and bickering, and then start beating each other up with their toys, the toys get confiscated and the kids get sent to their rooms to chill-the-f***-out.  It’s not rocket science, yet even though you guys are smart enough to put a man on the moon, you can’t figure out this basic parenting technique.

The right to bear arms is balanced by the responsibility of a well regulated militia.  As far as I can see from this side of the pond, you’ve haven’t got a well regulated militia, so why do think you should have the right of bearing arms.

I am done.

I am heartbroken, sickened, shocked, gutted, angry.

America, sort yourselves out.



17.06.2016 – Edits made with thanks to constructive feedback
Picture credit: Reuters

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