Thanks for the year.

Nothing big about this post, just wanting to say thanks for stopping by.  I just checked when I wrote my first blog entry, and it seems to be actually a year ago today, and if I know my habits, a year ago to this very hour – kinda spooky!


Starting small

Anyway, when I started this blog thing I honestly had no idea if I’d have time or inclination to keep it going, and whether the pile of scrap under stairs would hold up.  I also had no idea what I’d find my self writing.  I just kinda installed the software, got a free domain name from and went for it.

Over the year I’ve notched up a dizzying 572 page views from maybe a handful of family members, friends and work colleagues.  My record number of hits was 43 (woo-hoo!) from “It’s all coming up roses..“.  I guess something in that one clicked with a few people.

As I wrote at the time when I was trying to pad out the “Background” page, I hadn’t got any direction at all, and still haven’t.  Maybe something will happen and trigger  a thought process which I will then try to get under control through writing.  I’m also trying to keep my English in good shape.

When I see some of the emails or instant messages I rattle out at work I can see how my language is slowly becoming some sort of  Indian  rally-english (links below).  At work I receive a constant stream of emails with mixed up grammar and weird sentences that make little sense at all.  Classic phrases such as “please do the needful.” or “In case of questions revert back only to me.” punctuate my day.  The process of typing out my thoughts, editing and proof reading seems to help keep my English language brain alive.

secret_diaryI was hoping the posts would be a little more edgy or dramatic or .. oh .. oh no …  I’ve just realised I’m a 21st century Adrian Mole.

I think I’m going to go and slap myself hard in the face.

Anyway, just wanted to drop a line to say thanks for the reading the blog, sharing / liking the content and giving your feedback.

Rally English links:

N97 Demo –

“Up in the ass of Timo” (PG) My all time favourite.  An interview after a rally driving accident, hence the term. –

2 Replies to “Thanks for the year.”

  1. Hey Alex, I’ve been enjoying pretty much all your past year’s posts in general. I’m no SOME nerd so have no facebook or twitter account because I hate the way the companies often gather info of you. That’s why I cannot/ won’t instantly like or dislike or tweet or whatever but just wanted to say you should continue posting this blog. It has come quite obvious you are a thinker and a talented writer so discontinuing would perhaps be like cutting out something essential of yourself. Right?

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