A guitar case leaning against a concrete wall covered with graffiti

Worshipping in the broken? Here’s how.

Music plays a big role in the church service.  Familiar hymns and songs can help us connect to God.  Soft background music welcomes us in the building, or covers the throat clearing during communion, but I wonder what we see when we look at the musicians? Do we just see some folks playing instruments together? …Read more Worshipping in the broken? Here’s how.

Black and white picture of a sad clown

When Christians feel low ..

I toyed with titling this piece "When Christians get depressed", but that wouldn't be honest.  I'm not depressed, my wife had me tested.  But seriously, amongst Jesus's followers there are a few elephants in the room, and this is one of them.  Christians do actually get low, blue and yes, even depressed.  God help us,…Read more When Christians feel low ..