Weight training when life sucks: Why does God allow suffering?

Barbell and lifter

Life had thrown us a few curve balls, and a close friend asked why Christians sometimes seem to have such a rough time of things.  She knows where we are at as a family and she has seen a close relative who was also a Christian suffer, and ultimately loose, a long battle with cancer.  Possibly she was starting from the assumption that Christians should have things easier, you know, since we’re best friends with Jesus ‘n’ all .. Continue reading “Weight training when life sucks: Why does God allow suffering?”

Flies, spies and why’s

Robert Wood's flying robot

This blog entry is probably pandering to my tin-hat-they’re-out-watching-us tendencies more than I would like to admit, but it’s a chain of thought I’d like to follow for a moment.  In general terms I try to keep abreast of developments in the world.  Amongst the topics that will normally catch my interest are IT, politics and robotics.  Joining the dots between the various topics is some what of a pastime too. Continue reading “Flies, spies and why’s”

Darn dog!

As some will know, Dream is a three year old Miniture Snowzer Sknautzer Schnauzer.  She’s a little introverted, but otherwise typical.  She loves attention, fighting games, tug-o-war, chasing in the forest, etc.  She’s not however keen about being groomed.  Clipping her claws is a nightmare but she has got used to having floppy frog-sized ticks plucked off her. Continue reading “Darn dog!”

Survivor’s Guilt

My work at Mega-Corp Telecommunication Devices Inc. is done through a consulting agency.  I might have mentioned this before.  My work is fairly normal tech support stuff, but with a couple of extra responsibilities such as ticket queue management, handling the negative feedback tickets and some other ad-hoc server maintenance tasks.  Continue reading “Survivor’s Guilt”