Weight training when life sucks: Why does God allow suffering?

Barbell and lifter

Life had thrown us a few curve balls, and a close friend asked why Christians sometimes seem to have such a rough time of things.  She knows where we are at as a family and she has seen a close relative who was also a Christian suffer, and ultimately loose, a long battle with cancer.  Possibly she was starting from the assumption that Christians should have things easier, you know, since we’re best friends with Jesus ‘n’ all .. Continue reading “Weight training when life sucks: Why does God allow suffering?”

That’s just the way it is: Mr. Potato Head Christianity

Mr. Potatohead

As Christ followers, Christians, we sometimes have it drummed into us that we need to be telling others about Jesus, maybe with some kind of wild eyed fervour.  But what if we just don’t feel it?  Maybe there is no daily euphoric high, no constant state of rapture that we feel we need to tell about Jesus as if we’ve stumbled upon some amazing new drug. Continue reading “That’s just the way it is: Mr. Potato Head Christianity”

When rainbows fade.

The title sounds more melodramatic than intended.  I was watching a massive double rainbow over Leppävaara.  After I took these pictures, I noticed that as the rain cleared and the sun’s position started to change, the rainbow started to fade. When I see rainbows I also seem to remember the end of the Noah’s ark story, when God, after the flood, put a rainbow in the sky to promise that He’ll never destroy the world with a flood again. Continue reading “When rainbows fade.”

Chariots, horses and God: In what do we place our trust?

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. (Pslams 20:7)

Interesting that this cropped up in my twitter feed a couple of days after we put our own chariot up for sale, and the same week that I received word that negotiations (YT:t) were being held to discuss possible job cuts which had a small chance of affecting our team. Continue reading “Chariots, horses and God: In what do we place our trust?”