Puppies and toilet training

The interesting thing about toilet training puppies is that, whilst they know there is a connection between newspaper and going to the toilet, sometimes the only dry place on the floor is the newspaper.


Friday bottle

And the winner of the Friday bottle, two weeks in a row, is …


Needless to say, I’m banned from the draw next week.


I bury the bodies

At work I keep my desk pretty tidy, as you can see from picture.  There is kinda in-joke that it’s like an axe-murderer’s workstation.  A colleague today asked me how I keep my desk so tidy.  I slowly replied with a straight face:

I put my things into bodies.  And then I bury the bodies.

An Englishman in a sauna

When Finns first tell you about sauna, they’ll normally reassure you of a couple of things.  Firstly it’s just for relaxation and bathing, and secondly it’s completely normal to be naked in a hot (75C +) confined space with other strangers.  The ways to spot a non-Finn in a sauna, other than poor language skills, is that they don’t believe either of these facts and they will normally be the first one to leave; ie – no Finn will leave the sauna before a non-Finn. Continue reading “An Englishman in a sauna”

Finnish Rednecks are we!

Just a short one now.

Our car is in the sort of state where there is a patch of duct tape used as a ‘temporary’ repair for some damage to the front bumper. We had a small bump a while ago and haven’t really had the means to do a proper repair just yet, so a handy bodge with the silver wonder has lasted fine until now.

The older duckling was checking the condition of the repairs and declared that the tape is need of replacing.  Mother duck’s sister has also recommended using black gaffer tape as it will blend in better than the silver.

It comes to something, when the height of our aspirations for car repairs is to freshen up the duct tape on a temporary fix!  🙂

02.10.2013 Update

Found out why this page keeps getting random hits: link