When your life needs a Plan B: Life sucks but God is good

It’s ironic.

Looking back through this blog, it seems I mainly write posts about coping with hard times, and wondering if I can see God in them.  From taking up my guitar and singing church songs when I am just not in the mood for it (here and here) to euthanasing runts, there seems to be a constant paradox of “Yeah, life sucks but God is good.”. Continue reading “When your life needs a Plan B: Life sucks but God is good”

“With great power there must also come great responsibility.”

What’s your superpower?

This phrase is normally accredited to Stan Lee, but in various forms it is pre-dated by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1908, and a biblical variant is in the book of Luke.  Most of us, however, will remember these words as being said by Benjamin “Ben” Parker, the uncle of Peter Parker / Spiderman. Continue reading ““With great power there must also come great responsibility.””

Darn dog!

As some will know, Dream is a three year old Miniture Snowzer Sknautzer Schnauzer.  She’s a little introverted, but otherwise typical.  She loves attention, fighting games, tug-o-war, chasing in the forest, etc.  She’s not however keen about being groomed.  Clipping her claws is a nightmare but she has got used to having floppy frog-sized ticks plucked off her. Continue reading “Darn dog!”