The Black Dog

On 26.10.2015 at 08:20, the signed printout from the doctor confirmed that the black dog had officially caught up with me.  To be honest, I think it had been stalking me for as long as I can remember and has been padding along beside me for at least the past year or longer.  The doctor’s note was merely a formality. Continue reading “The Black Dog”

When Christians feel low ..

Black and white picture of a sad clown

I toyed with titling this piece “When Christians get depressed”, but that wouldn’t be honest.  I’m not depressed, my wife had me tested.  But seriously, amongst Jesus’s followers there are a few elephants in the room, and this is one of them.  Christians do actually get low, blue and yes, even depressed.  God help us, not even the pastors seem to be exempt from having a bad day or three. Continue reading “When Christians feel low ..”