An Englishman in a sauna

When Finns first tell you about sauna, they’ll normally reassure you of a couple of things.  Firstly it’s just for relaxation and bathing, and secondly it’s completely normal to be naked in a hot (75C +) confined space with other strangers.  The ways to spot a non-Finn in a sauna, other than poor language skills, is that they don’t believe either of these facts and they will normally be the first one to leave; ie – no Finn will leave the sauna before a non-Finn. Continue reading “An Englishman in a sauna”

The cake is a lie.

We had some major changes at work today.  These will see some 800 employees moved to external service providers.  Another couple of hundred will be facing new challenges.   This is the euphemistic phrase for being made redundant.  The lucky 800 were herded into a meeting space outside my team’s office space to be processed and assigned to their new teams.  To keep nerves calm and impart a feel-good atmosphere, cake was being served. Continue reading “The cake is a lie.”

Church – Relevant, irrelevant or just genuine?

One thing the modern church in the west seems to struggle with is “The Great Commission”, which appears in the bible at the end of Matthew 28.  Well, not  so much the idea of it, but the doing of it.  Many Christians don’t realise that they need to do it.  Others know that they should be trying to reach out, make disciples, they don’t simply know how.  They are at loss for how to start the ball rolling, or too nervous to start.  For those who do get the ball rolling, there will be some who do a fantastic job and others who rely on cliché, jargon or false assumptions. Continue reading “Church – Relevant, irrelevant or just genuine?”