Thank goodness that’s not me

The sharp dressed man.  Every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.  They crop up all over the place, even at church.  In fact when it comes to church, most of us make some effort to scrub up.  We might pull on a fresh shirt, a clean pair of pants and drag a brush through our hair.  The scruffy t-shirt and dirty jeans get put in the wash basket and left at home.  It’s nice to feel smart, and be around smartly dressed people.

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Paying a worker their worth

If there is one taboo topic, one elephant in the room in the church, it’s the Tithe.  High on the list of topics which can evoke strong feelings.  As Christ followers there are of course other topics which get our blood pressure up but they come and go with the seasons.  Subjects which easily get us vocal might be women priests, homosexuality or moving the church service forward by an hour.  All these can spark debate and flush our cheeks.  But the Tithe?  That might raise our blood pressure a bit, yet on this topic we will remain silent.

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