The Lord’s Prayer 2/5 – Your will be done

Part 2.

Your will be done

So, thanks for coming back for more. In the last post I tried to figure out what the first couple of lines of the Lord’s Prayer mean to me.  I tried to get my head around the idea of being able to call a Holy God, Father.  The next couple of lines that I want to think about now are about God’s Kingdom being on earth in the same way as it is in heaven. Continue reading “The Lord’s Prayer 2/5 – Your will be done”

That’s just the way it is: Mr. Potato Head Christianity

Mr. Potatohead

As Christ followers, Christians, we sometimes have it drummed into us that we need to be telling others about Jesus, maybe with some kind of wild eyed fervour.  But what if we just don’t feel it?  Maybe there is no daily euphoric high, no constant state of rapture that we feel we need to tell about Jesus as if we’ve stumbled upon some amazing new drug. Continue reading “That’s just the way it is: Mr. Potato Head Christianity”

Darn dog!

As some will know, Dream is a three year old Miniture Snowzer Sknautzer Schnauzer.  She’s a little introverted, but otherwise typical.  She loves attention, fighting games, tug-o-war, chasing in the forest, etc.  She’s not however keen about being groomed.  Clipping her claws is a nightmare but she has got used to having floppy frog-sized ticks plucked off her. Continue reading “Darn dog!”