Suffering fools gladly

Have you ever had one of those days when you just feel surrounded by idiots?  You’re amazed they even manage to brush their teeth without pushing the toothbrush out through their ear.

You know the ones.  The customer has who dropped his laptop over the side of a boat and wants to know if we have a copy of the data.  The laptop where the keys come off the keyboard all by themselves.   The one with the broken laptop, it’s the end of the world and we fix it by plugging in the charger.

It had been said before, and I’ve no doubt it will be said again, but I don’t suffer fools gladly.  In recent times though, my definition of what makes someone a fool is being heavily overhauled.  The softening began after I heard, like, the millionth customer ask;

“I know it’s a stupid question but ..”

to which I would dutifully reply;

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question.”

I have started to realise that there really isn’t such a thing as a stupid question.  Thank goodness.   I’ve used the same phrase myself too many times to count, and have often been the grateful recipient of a graceful answer to my question.

There are certain things at which I’m a rock star, not too many, maybe one or two.  In these particular areas I must seem to others to be an endless fountain of wisdom and knowledge.  What is the best way to load the dishwasher?   Which shelf do I put my socks on in the cupboard?  You know, the big issues in life.  In most other areas I’m pretty much an apprentice trying to get through his first day on the job.

So what if the woman from Human Resources has no idea how to install new software onto her laptop.  I’ve no idea at all how to even set up the software she uses daily without a moment’s thought.

We are all experts at something.  The problem is that society favours the better trained and more eloquent.  Imagine two people; one in a suit with good speech, and another in a grubby t-shirt with a stutter.  Imagine they were to ask you the exact same question; to whom would you be more gracious to.  Honestly.

When Jesus delivered His famous sermon on the Mount, has says that if we call some a fool, we are in danger of the fires of Hell.  He actually says this in the same breath as when He speaks out against murder.

What the .. ?  Seriously?  Have you even met the people where I work?  There is this one guy who …

is made in the very image of God.  Who God loves so much that He sent His only son to die for.

To call someone a fool, is not only an insult to them, but also to the Father God who created them.

What thoughts came to you after reading this?

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