And that’s the instagram client removed from my phone. Again. For the same reason.

Even though the app is normally closed, the “damn, that’s creepy!” factor of getting targetted ads for say, mini-DLP projectors, the day after we have a conversation about possilbly buying one at work, annoys me something rotten.

The thing, is the trick nearly worked. I clicked the link, liked what i saw, and then started checking out specs of similar devices. During this time was when my brain goes..

“Whoa! Just back the f@&£ up a minute.. 😱🤬”

In the “real world”, for instance, if I am wanting to buy something, or go somewhere; there is a world of difference between kicking around ideas with friends or a colleagues, and have one of them suggest, “Hey, I went to this great place once ..”, as oppose to some creepy stalker sidling up to me later at the coffee machine..

“Psst .. Hey, buddy .. I couldn’t help but overhear .. my uncle just happens to have the thing which you were talking about privately earlier with your close friends.”

(The creepy-office-stalker will be getting a small “reward” from his grateful uncle for any trade pushed his way.)

Of course, I started typing this into the Facebook website via my phone. Once I relaised that it was gonna be more than just a quick “grr… post”, and was gonna develop quickly into a long-winded rant, my Keyboard Warrior mode kicked in, and I decided to make it into a blog post (It’s a been too long..)

And now when I come back to it a week later, I find I’ve completely lost the thread of where I was going…

It just seems there is complete lack of consent, informed of otherwise, these days. The “Hey, Siri..” thing is cool, but feeling that an app seems to be eavesdropping on my private conversations is another thing.

By way of anecdote, I have a friend who was once discussing adult incontinence pads for an elderly family member. Guess what adverts Facebook served up the next day. Same weirdness happens after you buy something online. Your FB is littered with adverts for what it was you just bough. The guys can track you enough to know what you are thinking to buy, can they not also figure out that you have also bought it?

Everything these days costs money. The internet, its servers, and the admins don’t run on warm fuzzy feels. Bills need paying. If I am using a service and not paying for it, where does the money come from? Facebook, WhatsApp. Even my beloved Telegram app. I read somewhere that nowadays, if I don’t pay for using a service, then I am the product.

It’s just for this reason I’ve never installed any of Facebook apps to my phone.

WhatsApp remains as a nessecity, but if i get anymore wierd s51t happening, then it’s it SMS and Signal (and maybe Telegram, except I can’t work how they fund it..)

I guess at the end of that day, I would rather pay some small amount to subscribe to a messaging app and know that I own my data (read the small print of pretty much any social media contract), and that what even messages I send are mine, and that they are private. The service provider doesn’t need to look at meta-data, or even the data, and try and monetise it. They get their money from me. Directly. A clear and clean contract. The trick will be to entice enough people away from, say WhatsApp, to make work.

Quoting the Matrix (or paraphrasing because I can’t be bothered to check the quote);

This world is the wool that has been pulled over our eyes, to hide the truth from us.

How many would actually give up the convenience of WhatsApp groups, and roll back to simple SMS chats and email. Are things really so critical these days that we need long to be always 100% available all the time, to all our friends and to every group of friends?

Going back to Instagram; that’s another thing I used to use the blog for. I’ve got a load of cool photo’s on here, but Insta was just so much more “convenient” … And the photo’s I put there, suddenly aren’t actually mine anymore. I can’t even easily download them at all … WTF?

Well .. it’s #scrollFreeSeptember, so maybe I give that a shot. Cools pics to my blog. Inane thoughts to my blog. Which is then publicised via Facebook, and then you have are gonna scroll through the blog .. Hmmm …


(Yup, this one rambles all over the place. .. )

What thoughts came to you after reading this?

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