My new year resolutions.

1.  Get my 5h1t together.

2.  Learn what “get my 5h1t together means”.

3.  Stop holding off on getting my 5h1t together.

4.  Stop swearing. Swear less.  Try to swear less.

5.  Be a better husband.

6.  Be a better dad.

7.  Write awesome, deep, but not too deep, soul breaking, empowering, ground breaking, revolutionary, insightfully witty but not cheesy blog articles which will blaze across the world bringing about a deeper awareness of our humanity, and so bring about world peace without getting my head stuck up my arse or turning into Adrian Mole/Plass.

8.  Rotate my work clothes more often.

9.  Sell my old IT junk on ebay or something.

10.  Rewrite my “new year resolutions” list and figure out something to do with Jesus to go at the top.

11.  Figure out a family day once a month.

12.  Take Mother Duck out on dates.

13.  Spend more time with those-that-empty-the-fridge the boys.

14.  Fix the car.

15.  Try to break wind more discretely in public.  Stop breaking wind in public.

16.  Nail a tricky guitar lick that I just can’t seem to get.  ( Aerosmith – Walk this way.  FFS, it’s like what, 9 notes?? )

17.  Learn how to rock climb using just my thumb and little finger.

18.  Clean the rubbish off my bedside table.

19.  Stop padding out the list to get past 20 lines.

20.  Actually tick off more that 4 from the list by next summer.

2 Replies to “My new year resolutions.”

  1. This is a great list! I could adopt most of these goals myself. Rock climbing and Aerosmith, not so much. Breaking wind in public….pretty sure hubby would appreciate that one.

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