My life as a liquorice allsort

or .. “That time I had Liquorice Allsorts flu“.  Can’t work out which title to use.

Liquorice Allsorts Flu

A few days ago I had the munchies during a long bus ride and bought myself a bag Allsorts “to get me home”.  I figured at least the round ones, which are made out of coconut, are healthy.  My favourites are either the square brown chocolate ones, or the big round coconut ones. The weird bobbly ones?  I tend to leave those at the bottom.  Some people might actually like them, but they’re not my favourite.  In Finland, the home of weird liquorice, it’s not much of a big deal.  Over here we have liquorice flavoured with salmiakki, Amonium Chloride salt.  After the chemical saltiness of salmiakki, the bobbly ones seem a bit of a non event.  As I neared the bottom of the bag, I felt the first symptoms of “Liquorice Allsorts flu“.

Edit: Just realised I need clue you folks in about Liquorice Allsorts Flu.  When I was kid we had book called “Elehpants don’t sit on cars“.  Excellent read, really funny.  Long story short, it stars a small boy called Jeremy James who once ate a whole box of Allsorts and made himself sick.  The doctor was called and diagnosed “Liquorice Allsorts Flu”.

This blog entry isn’t about that, rather about the Allsorts that get left at the bottom of the packet.

If we were to compare ourselves to a Liquorice Allsort, which one would be be?  Big ol’ satisfying round coconut one, the chocolate one,  the tube,  Bertie Basset (Brit’s will get this one)?  Me?  I’m the blue bobbly one.  Not the life and soul of party, but playing my part all same.

I’ve tried my hardest, honestly I have, to try to balance this blog to include stuff about IT, music and everything in between.  I really feel I’ve failed at this.  As I write each blog entry these days, it feels like I’ve got God muttering in my ear suggesting what to write next.  This blog entry is no different.

So how would Jesus eat Liquorice Allsorts?  What I can be sure of, is that He’d get Liquorice Allsorts flu for sure.  No doubt.  He loves the chocolatey taste of the brown ones, the big chewiness of the coconut ones, the pure liquorice taste of the black barrels and weird bobbly texture of the blue and pink ones.  In the same way Jesus loves us;  our strength when the going gets tough, compassion towards those in need, even on our off days – warts and all.  Good news for those us who sometimes feel like the odd one out.  Here’s the bible bit that’s been pushing to get it’s self out:

If any of you has a hundred sheep, and one of them gets lost, what will you do? Won’t you leave the ninety-nine in the field and go look for the lost sheep until you find it?   And when you find it, you will be so glad that you will put it on your shoulderand carry it home. Then you will call in your friends and neighbours and say, “Let’s celebrate! I’ve found my lost sheep.” (Luke 15:4-6)*

This is why I believe that Jesus would get Liquorice Allsorts flu.  He’ll be as happy to find and eat the last squished Allsort as the first one out of the bag.  Just like the shepherd goes search for the one sheep that got lost, Jesus comes searching for us even before we really know who He is.

* – Actually, check out the whole chapter: Luke 15

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  1. I’m not into stroking egos!
    Interesting take on liquorice allsorts! Sometimes I feel like I’m at the bottom of the bag with everyone else fighting to stay on top. At least I’m strong and don’t let them fall through!

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