Late night tinkering and a lost MySql root password

New blog, fresh software and to mark the occasion, new passwords.


There is always that risk of playing with your new toys when it’s late that you snap a piece off by accident.  It was that wonderful moment when I figured that I’d have a ‘little look around’ the database server I’d set up only this afternoon and realised that whilst I had a genera idea of what password was and the steps I’d used to create it, that exact password eluded me.

There is always a way to reset a root password.  It just depends how much data, time and cool, you are willing to loose.  Full backups taken regularly mean you loose merely time and cool. A quick search revealed a number of solutions, all a variation on theme of  Some with extra spaces where there shouldn’t be, some with missing parameters.

After a night’s broken sleep with, for some reason, worship songs from Church bouncing of the inside of my skull, 10 minutes work over SSH from the office has everything more or less running nicely.  Just need now to iron out the kinks caused by upgrading phpmyadmin


What thoughts came to you after reading this?

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