In your eye, Facebook.

I was thinking to share some files with a group I belong to on Facebook.  I could also use my own cloud server (ownCloud) but I know Facebook groups will also handle files.  Then I remembered that famous clause the T&C, that if we upload content to FB, then they own it.

So .. all those nasty videos and pictures we see on Facebook?  Hmm …

I am no lawyer, nowhere near smart enough for that, but if Facebook owns the rights to the videos and images uploaded, doesn’t that mean it can also be held legally responsible for them?  Does this mean that Facebook can actually be prosecuted in a court of law for distributing offensive content?  The Terms and Conditions of course prohibit users from uploading nasty content, but when people complain about, for example, violent videos coming from the Syria – this means that Facebook have a legal responsibility to remove them.  One of my major irritations is that Facebook tends to hide behind peer review and “Freedom of speech” as reasons for not taking down (at least in the past) videos of beheadings performed by ISIS.

This is a genuine question, I’m not trying to be smart .. Facebook is good tool for coordinating groups and things, but are they trying to have their cake and eat it by claiming rights over OUR media but then not taking responsibility for the new offensive material they have acquired?

These are just my thoughts as they came in during the ride to work this morning.

Comments / feedback welcome.

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