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I’ve noticed recently that Facebook seems to be deciding what it thinks you want to read.  I guess we’ve all suspected this for sometime, but this is really evident by watching the statistics for this blog (to be honest, this ticks me off a little).

One thing that really encourages me, is when people take moment to mention to me that something they’ve read here has been meaningful to them in some way.  This is one of the reasons I write.

I do write mostly for the joy of writing, but I also really hope to be able to encourage as many people as possible with the posts.  So, could I ask you to subscribe directly to the blog?  There is a link on the left you can use.  Your email address will be held securely on the blog’s server, and I can promise you it’ll not be used for anything other than notifications from the blog.

The advantage here is that you will get an email when something new is posted.  Facebook won’t be able to decide for you if you see or not, and it won’t get lost in your feed.

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