Flipboard sharing settings for Jetpack

A quick and dirty guide to create a Flipboard sharing button for Jetpack.

  1. Upload a 16×16 px Flipboard icon to your gallery
    • Copy it’s URL to the clipboard, notepad or something .. (You’ll get this from the image properties for the image)
  2. Settings -> Sharing -> Add a new service
  3. Use the following for setting up the service.
    • Service name: Flipboard
    • Sharing URL: https://share.flipboard.com/bookmarklet/popout?v=2&title=%post_title%&url=%post_url%
    • Image URL: http://your.blog.com/uploads/flipboard_16x16.jpg (from Step #1)
  4. Drag the icon into  the ‘Enabled services’ row as normal.

v2  – Small tweaks to the order to make adding the image URL easier.

6 Replies to “Flipboard sharing settings for Jetpack”

  1. thanks for the mini-tutorial. unfortunately jetpack adds a border around my (circle shaped) flipboard button – no matter which button icon I tried (16×16, 32×32, 512×512). Any idea on that?

    1. Hi Ansgar,

      Thanks for getting touch about this. Let me look into and I’ll reply here. Off the top of my head, I reckon it’s something to do with a border around the image itself. Most likely a CSS thing. What theme are you using?


        1. 🙂 Looking at the code through my template (Harmonic), the following classes would be worth paying attention to:
          * share-custom
          * share-custom-flipboard
          * sd-button
          * share-icon no-text

          .. but, good that you found a theme which works for you. Looks like a good site. Good luck!

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