First Gay Hug: A challenge to homophobia

Recently published was the “First Kiss” video by Tatia PIliev.  The premise was quite simple.  Get a bunch of complete strangers, presumably with an exhibitionist streak, and get ’em to kiss on camera.  Part of me thinks the idea is kinda sweet, the other part thinks it’s kinda icky.

The video that really caught my attention though, is this one which I came across on, called “First Gay Hug” by the Gay Women channel.  Watch it, and then read on.

What struck me was how secure the gay people were in their identities.  I think this is a no-brainer.  There is no point for the producers to use gay folks who don’t feel 100% comfortable being filmed.

I like the bit at 3:00.

Straight guy: You seem like a cool guy, is just that your sex thing is kinda gross.

Gay guy: I think your sex thing is kinda gross.

SG: ..

Touche 😉

I’ve haven’t a clue where to go now with this post.

There are just too many red flags for too many people.  Some Christians might be upset that I think the video is good one and it should make us think twice about how we view people who do relationships differently.  Some LGB folks might be upset that I’m a Christian who doesn’t think that homosexuality is what God had in mind when he created us.

The one thing that I am happy to say is; wouldn’t it be great if more of those who follow Jesus, and more gay people could be cool with hugging each other and say, “You’re ok.  I love you.”.


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