Facebook and the video nasties – here we go again ..

Facebook is now allowing the video nasties again and I’ve really no idea what to do or think.  Do I jump ship again, and then come back after they’ve apologised?  I feel like an emotional yo-yo.

Freedom of expression?

Facebook is muttering again about freedom of expression, but why do they feel they have to allow what any sane person would define as a graphically violent video on their network, just because (I suppose) YouTube allows it.  Facebook’s roots are in a college dorm and was intended to allow fellow students to keep in touch.  If they’d found this on their servers in the early days, I reckon they’d have gone ballistic, and not said “Yeah, well, Fred has right to express himself.”.

A day later they’ve pulled another U-turn.

The sceptic in me is getting restless.  The more traffic that Facebook gets, the more money they get.  Negative publicity is still publicity.  I’m trying rationalise why on earth they allow this stuff.  The only word I can come up with is “evil”.  One excuse given is that Google’s YouTube carries similar content, but I suspect that one will have actively search for it, where as with Facebook and the viral nature of the posts it may be displayed against the wishes of the viewer.

A worry I had when I got back on this merry-go-round was what has changed in the internal atmosphere at Facebook?  May be nothing.  It really seems that left hand has no idea of what the right hand is doing.  So what do I do?  Still no idea.  I feel annoyed and upset.

One thought that did come to mind, is that violence and  hatred can be found almost everywhere. It’s on the internet, it’s on TV, it is even sometimes expressed by the people we meet daily.  It gets jammed sometimes between our ears and in our hearts.  The counter-intuitive thought is that according to John 17, as a Jesus follower I am no longer part of this world.  I’m in it, able to influence it, but I’m not part of it any more and it doesn’t have the right any more to influence me, although apparently it still tries to.  As with my “All coming up roses” post, I guess I need to get back in the zone of asking Jesus to deal with this thing for me.

Have a look at the links below and let me know what you think.  I’d be genuinely interested to hear from you.


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What thoughts came to you after reading this?

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