Don’t be like Todd White.

Be like you.

Okay, that’s the daft hook of the way.  Now read on to see why being you is better than being Todd.

What I want to say, is that every once in a while we come across someone who epitomises everything we believe in and aspire to be.  They could be a rock star, politician, social organiser, preacher, best friend .. anyone.  You see them and you know that if you were you like you want to you to be, you would be them. You know?

For me, Todd White is one of those guys.  A guy who really seems to have his relationship with God sorted out.  He is secure in his identity.  His lifestyle is infectious and he just loves people.  He can’t help it.  Unashamedly a full on, 100% Jesus nut.  He is someone who seems to be able to do the “walking like Jesus” thing breathlessly.  I honestly think he might be one of the best role models of what it means to be a Christ follower, and if only I could pull myself together I could .. I could .. I ..

I could be me.

The thing is, Todd was created by God to be Todd and I was created by God to be Alex. No amount of fan-boy-ism, idol worship (let’s call a spade, a spade) will ever change that.  If Todd were to try out my life for a day, I wonder if he might feel out of place.  Hmm .. I doubt it (he’s just that kinda guy) .. but … Sure, there would probably be a few more Jesus followers in the place at the end of the day and a few more healed hearts, but there would also be a good number less fixed laptops.  You see, I am the only piece of the jigsaw puzzle which fits in my spot in the Puzzle of LifeTM.  The only piece which matches up exactly with where I work, the guys I play music with and the family l am a part of.  The same goes for you.

Todd follows Jesus like Todd.  Alex follows (or at least tries to follow) Jesus like Alex.  Jesus didn’t say follow Todd/Simo/Rachel/Mark/Sarah, He said “Follow me”.  Me being who I am created to be is very different to Todd being who he is created to be.

Todd is so forthright in demonstrating how his life is, not because he wants to set himself up as something great or for us be a clone of him; rather because he has gotten his head around how simple following Christ can be.  What he is trying to get across is that following Christ need not be a complicated regime of rules and rituals, rather a relationship between a living Father-like God and us as His children.  His prayer for those who go to hear him speak is for God to “make it simple and make it easy”.

The problem is that when our lives go through a difficult patch, when the black dog is nipping at our heels or when we are facing a particular struggle, it’s at these times that our role models slip from being a source of inspiration to an unattainable ideal.  This serves only to nudge us deeper into the despair of “I’ll never be that good.  I’ll never be like that.  I’ll never be any use.”.

This is the problem with comparing ourselves to others.  When we compare ourselves with others to make ourselves feel better, or as a yard-stick of something better to strive for – we are saying something like “God got made a mistake when He created me.  His plans for me are wrong.”, and that is rubbish.  Through the Bible God tells us clearly that He knows the plans He has for us.  Plans to give us hope and a future.

Todd is just a guy who seems to have come closer than most to being the person he should be.  One could say that he is living proof of what Jesus meant when he said “I have come to give life, and life in all it’s fullness.”.  But what about those of us who are still very much a work in progress?  What about me?

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Matthew 11:28-30

There is something about this bible verse which makes me sigh with relief.  All the things that wear me out and weigh me down can be taken to Jesus.  He swaps them for a yoke and a load which is light and easy to carry.  Sure, there is a duty of us on us to learn from him and carry out what He asks of us, but as He says, he is gentle and humble.  In Him we find rest for our souls.

From that place of rest, under His tutelage, grow into the person we should always have been.  It could be a rock star, politician, social organiser, preacher, best friend ..

When we take up the yoke that Jesus gives us, it fits.  The burden is light and the yoke is easy.  If we try to become something, or someone, we were not created to be, the yoke will be difficult.  It will rub and make us sore.  The load will be the wrong weight and the balance will be off.  We will be trying to carry a burden which we were never meant to carry.

So, don’t try and be like Todd.  Be like the you that God created you to be!

18 Replies to “Don’t be like Todd White.”

  1. So good! We just watched Todd last night and had that same feeling of like ‘almost failure’ because we aren’t as bold and courageous as he is. But in the end, we know that we are who we are meant to be and yes, we can be encouraged by Todd’s lifestyle to be more like Jesus, but we just need to know that it’s ok to be just us.

  2. I love this! Thank you for putting these thoughts into words. I love Todd. I love Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, on and on but I must love God with all my heart, mind and soul and Lord help me love myself and who you made me to be so I may know you better! In Jesus name. Help me focus on You and not all these leaders so I may walk with You and know You.

    Thank you Alex!

  3. Thanks for this article because I do believe God’s people need to realize they are to be themselves and not idolize the Todds we see and admire. However, I appreciate the Todds that set examples for us and raise the bar from mediocre christianity. He has inspired me to be a better me, as I have become desperate to seek more of God in my life to be all that He purposed me to be. I thank God that He created Todd White to be so transparent and fearless, that his example changes the wrong thoughts that we were taught that has kept us weak for so long. I share Todd’s videos with friends and family in hopes to inspire them as well to be about God our Father’s business.

      1. Yes thank you! He is obviously a very gifted motivational speaker. I’ve been around christians who are like this. You noticed he was in sales before his conversion. That’s how a salesman talks…not to say that “salesman cannot be sold out to God”. I think this is an evangelist anointing. An evangelist has that anointing to make everything about God seems irresistible. He removes ALL objections. That’s what a good salesman does. He makes Christians sitting there in that audience think they gotta get saved all over again.
        That’s why i liked your post. I feel exactly the same way. I still have “attitude” because i still get offended. Jesus said, “Offenses will come”, but just forgive” (paraphrase). So my walk with Him is more uphill now than flying. I love how he makes things sound so easy. God bless him but I’m not like him. My walk doesn’t look like that, but he gives great advice about staying in the word and letting yourself BE the word. I love how he couldn’t ever read all those years! AMazing! God bless you!

  4. It Is not That we should Be anything but what Christ was. He was who He was because of the Holy Spirit who was in him as well. Todd Is Just an example of who we all Can Be by the Holy Spirit in us. I thank God that by Jesus example we all Can experience the same as Todd stepped out by the Holy Spirit to become. To stay where we began Is not God’s best for us So we to need to go as Mark 16: 15-20 tells us to do.

  5. Thanks, great message brother – The greatest men of God in the Bible did not have it all together – No man has it all together. It’s easy to stand on a stage for two hours and tell the world your walk personifies Christ 24/7…. However, We should be more impressed by a man who professes his weakness not one who claims to have it figured out! I saw A preacher I thought had it all together off stage once… He came in a side door of the hotel he was speaking at…. He appeared to be very anxious… He was reprimanding his children etc….. While I was watching him do this, I was listening to my wife (a self professed agnostic) on the phone comforting A friend and invited her to meet my pastor….. this was God showing me that on this side of heaven, none of us have it all together…. Keep your eyes on Jesus not men. God has A plan for YOUR life. His plan for YOU will manifest while in your knees and in HIS word……. God gave us 1 role model and 1 book… It’s all we need to look a little bit more like him everyday!

  6. Hi all.
    “BLOG” could from a Christian view point, mean “Believers Love of God”

    The Apostle Paul had to defend himself constantly to other believers Why?

    It is obvious, others find it easier to find faults in others then to look at ourselves and that means all of us. Why are there Pauls’, Apollos, Andrews, Matthews, James, Peters, etc. etc. see what I mean?

    Many of the Apostles were just plain ordinary nobodies like fishermen and they had nothing more than a Todd White or even ourselves?

    Should the question of this site be “why are we not like others” like Todd White? so we can see what God really has for us to honor him and to glorify him. I have found that just being me, is all about me and me, me, me, me is not found in God’s word.

    Just a brotherly note to all, edification is far easier to do than making excuses why “I” cannot be a Todd White? No offence intended but “lowering my bar to me” just is not God’s best for anyone.

    1. Hey Larry,

      Thanks for coming back!

      “Believers Love of God” – I like it! Thanks for your challenge about the title of this site. I write posts, as often as I do, for a few reasons. The main driving force, is that for the most part I am still very much a work in progress. Every so often, a penny drops, and I use this as platform to share my thoughts and feelings about what I am going through, and what God might be saying or doing at that time.

      There is a lot me “me” in this blog but, hey, it’s a personal blog. 😉 What I do try to do, is make sure that each blog post somehow points towards Jesus.

      And thank for your feedback! I am going make a small change to the last line, so it does indeed raise the bar a little.


      1. Thanks Alex,

        A person blog can be good, but all of us are accountable before God for what we say. A blog that includes God is as personal as it will get, for all believers will be affected by what is said on these blogs, that means good or bad or as God says it, you may even find yourself speaking against God.

        Ever single believer has the same power in them as a Todd or a Paul. Stephanie the plain ordinary believer who waited on tables to serve others did and he did all the same things as an Apostle, just like Todd White is now. When I was first investigating “in LOVE” Todd White as we all should, I found your site. I was expecting it was against him because of the Title, but I see Alex, your intent was not for that.

        But some of the comments from others, really all of us need to keep our eyes focussed on Love of God that is in Jesus Christ first, then the Holy Spirit will produce in us what God had intended for our good as he did for them. In fact, the less you have when you come to God, the more he can give you so you will be a Todd to his Glory and to bless us as he wants to. Where does our sufficiency come from as believers?

        5 Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God;
        6 Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. 2 Cor. 3:5-6 (KJV)

        A personal relationship with the Holy Spirit will remove all fear of not being no other than ourselves for he came to teach us all things. Jesus Christ and Todd White, I ask myself and others who is more like Jesus, “me” or Todd White?

        See how the blog goes from there?

        Love, Larry.

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