Darn dog!

As some will know, Dream is a three year old Miniture Snowzer Sknautzer Schnauzer.  She’s a little introverted, but otherwise typical.  She loves attention, fighting games, tug-o-war, chasing in the forest, etc.  She’s not however keen about being groomed.  Clipping her claws is a nightmare but she has got used to having floppy frog-sized ticks plucked off her.

The furry ninja nightmare

A while ago, after being cooped up for too long, I forget the reason, she noticed the door was open as I was getting ready to go somewhere.  Did I mention her nickname is Ninja Dog?  Like a small black furry flash of lightning she was out of the door.  Normally she will sprint up to a grassy area at the end of the row of houses.  Once there she’ll wait for us to come and play catch with her.  She’ll run rings around us for a good few minutes until she slows down a little and we can catch her.

This time she headed out in a different direction and out onto the dirt road, off which is our housing area.  She then had a whale of a time leaping over the drainage ditch, under the neighbours hedge, and then pop out from another gap several meters away.  She waited for me there and, just as I reached her, vanished back into the hedge and reappeared back when she’d been a moment ago.  Mixed into all this was a old dried rabbit leg bone I was trying to get away from her.

She was having a great time.  I wasn’t.

Eventually Mother duck turned up in the duck-mobile to help.  I figured if Mother Duck went one way I could go the other and, between the two of us, catch her.  In true Schnauzer spirit Dream now decided that she was done playing and was now happy for me to pick her up.  Daddy duck was not a happy bunny.  At all.  With enough steam coming out my ears to run a number of saunas, I took the Nightmare Ninja Dog by the scruff of the neck and dropped her onto the back seat of the car.  No damage done, I supported some of her weight with my other hand.   Annoyed I might have been, but not violent.

A few days after, and for the life of me I can’t remember the trigger, the lost sheep story was rattling around my head.  God patiently laid out the dots and waited for me connect them.  He’s nice like that.  If there’s a point He wants to make He’s more likely to do it this way, than join them up Himself with a huge permanent marker and make me watch.

The key thing for me was that the shepherd lifted the sheep joyfully onto his shoulders and carried it back to the sheep pen.  When I took Dream by the scruff of the neck, I was trying tell her that doing a runner like that was dangerous and don’t do it again.  I didn’t want her getting lost, or worse.

It didn’t feel that God was having a go at me saying, “Good grief Alex, if I had a dog I’d do it much better than you!”, rather, “I know you love your dog, but look how much I love you.”.   I’ve a feeling that God feels this way about everyone.

I’m really glad that when I get myself into a fix, Jesus is more likely to carry me home joyfully on his shoulders, rather than by the scruff of my neck.

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