Facebook – The final straw

This will be the last entry to get linked from my blog to Facebook.  I do get all kinda “tin-hatty” sometimes with Facebook, when they change privacy settings, layout or some-such, but I calm down fairly quickly.  This last thing with the reported decapitation videos, though, really made me feel quite sick.  The comment section included a threat that if such a video appeared on their page, the account would be closed down.  I’m jumping before this even happens. Continue reading “Facebook – The final straw”

Finnish Rednecks are we!

Just a short one now.

Our car is in the sort of state where there is a patch of duct tape used as a ‘temporary’ repair for some damage to the front bumper. We had a small bump a while ago and haven’t really had the means to do a proper repair just yet, so a handy bodge with the silver wonder has lasted fine until now.

The older duckling was checking the condition of the repairs and declared that the tape is need of replacing.  Mother duck’s sister has also recommended using black gaffer tape as it will blend in better than the silver.

It comes to something, when the height of our aspirations for car repairs is to freshen up the duct tape on a temporary fix!  🙂

02.10.2013 Update

Found out why this page keeps getting random hits: link

Survivor’s Guilt

My work at Mega-Corp Telecommunication Devices Inc. is done through a consulting agency.  I might have mentioned this before.  My work is fairly normal tech support stuff, but with a couple of extra responsibilities such as ticket queue management, handling the negative feedback tickets and some other ad-hoc server maintenance tasks.  Continue reading “Survivor’s Guilt”

The cake is a lie.

We had some major changes at work today.  These will see some 800 employees moved to external service providers.  Another couple of hundred will be facing new challenges.   This is the euphemistic phrase for being made redundant.  The lucky 800 were herded into a meeting space outside my team’s office space to be processed and assigned to their new teams.  To keep nerves calm and impart a feel-good atmosphere, cake was being served. Continue reading “The cake is a lie.”

Church – Relevant, irrelevant or just genuine?

One thing the modern church in the west seems to struggle with is “The Great Commission”, which appears in the bible at the end of Matthew 28.  Well, not  so much the idea of it, but the doing of it.  Many Christians don’t realise that they need to do it.  Others know that they should be trying to reach out, make disciples, they don’t simply know how.  They are at loss for how to start the ball rolling, or too nervous to start.  For those who do get the ball rolling, there will be some who do a fantastic job and others who rely on cliché, jargon or false assumptions. Continue reading “Church – Relevant, irrelevant or just genuine?”

LinkedIn – NSFW?

Here’s a thought.

I’ve been recently been introduced to LinkedIn by a colleague at work, and in true geek fashion have been playing with the profile, making invitations etc.  I think I get the idea that LinkedIn is a cross between your CV and Facebook, and that adding to your count of “connections” and spreading your network you are able to find work easier when you need to.  You are also more visible and ‘out there’.  Altough it’s easy to think of this as Facebook for your CV, internet historians will be quick to point out that it more accurate to say that Facebook is like LinkedIn, but for your personal life. Continue reading “LinkedIn – NSFW?”