Backstage at New Wine Finland 2015

I’ve the privilege of helping with the PA again this year at New Wine Finland. For those who care, I’ll add some pictures/thoughts here as things go along.  It was my experience last year which re-energised me to get involved with the PA team at church.  Many thanks for Kari for letting me tag along this year too!


Much of Tuesday afternoon / evening was spent going back and forth carrying cables plugging things in.  Very much working with the “first-day-at-school” feeling.  These guys know what they are doing and I’m trying to catch up and remember how things were done last year.


More dragging and carrying today, with a touch scrambling under the stage to rig up a dimmer pack for extra lights.  This was followed by a little climbing to attach the lights to the upright side trusses next to the stage.


I’ve a feeling that everything will be set-up just before we start packing up on Sunday.  First order of business today was to add some footlights and get some repeater speakers set up to counter the awful echo we’ve got flying around.  Other tasks were quick stage reorganisation between the band finishing their set and the speaker coming on stage.


A quieter day behind the scenes although I did get ‘called out’ to help the guy who produces the CD’s of the talks.  These need to be available for purchase quite soon after the seminar ends and a motherboard of a key laptop failed.  I couldn’t really help. We tried swapping HDs and laptops around but kept running into OS re-activation issues.

The breakthrough came after a friend of his, during prayer for something else, got the idea to take a USB HDD dock to him.  Just the tool we needed!  Seems God is also interested in keeping the PCs running here too! 😉


Today is the day I got behind the desk.  I managed to keep the total number of screw-ups just about under 5, so that’s not bad .. ?

Looking after the sound for the afternoon seminar basically involved only two fader positions – I managed to score one screw-up point doing even that.

The evening was done with Kari providing a virtual safety net with an app on his iPad.   My favourite mistake was putting one of amplifiers into standby with my toe.  In my defense, under the table wasn’t the best place for it, but that’s all we had.

The thing with making mistakes is that they give you a chance to find a solution.  Recovering from our mistakes is all part of developing ourselves.  As they say in Finland “Siberia teaches”.

All said and done, I think I did a good job.


Yeah, I was right.  Everything just got set up nice and it was time to pack it all away again.

The PA team is one of the invisible links in the chain between the crowds present in the seminars and concerts, the talkers and bands, and ultimately God.  If we do our job properly, no one knows we are there, and that is how it should be.  Maybe I’ll write more about this at a later date.

Here’s a couple of videos of Sakari Heikkilä and band leading “Ylistä Herrä minun sieluni” by Petrus Ahonen.  Views from backstage and from the audience.  Nearly 2000 people singing their hearts out in joy and with full commitment of what the song is about.  To get the full feeling of power of the experience you had to be there.

The atmosphere was absolutely electric.  If you weren’t there this year, or haven’t been to a New Wine event, go to one!

A few scenic shots from throughout the week

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