Back to school with a Bang

So .. I can honestly now say that the boys are going back to school with a bang.

The speakers themselves are only 51mm in height and are just small enough to possibly fit in your front pocket.  They feel solid and the construction is typical of any Nokia hardware I’ve ever come across.  The speaker feels like it will easily last the coming school year getting knocked about on bus journeys and thrown into rucksacks which will then in turn be tossed around themselves.

Operation is .. um .. child’s play.  The kids had them unpacked, charging and blasting out music before I’d even half finished my shower (I commute by bike).

Of course, the key thing about the speakers is, how do they sound? In short, pretty darn good considering their size.  Although nearly pocket sized and with a quoted frequency response of 200-15kHz, they are never going to be giving gut shaking bass, but the sound IS surprisingly rich and balanced.

A single ‘Bang’ speaker handled AC/DC’s Thunderstuck really quite well, but when I daisy-chained both speakers together the sound was .. well .. I’m still grinning.  I caught my oldest watching Oblivion outside on the deck with both speakers joined together, and I can honestly say, that although in mono, you never start to feel that the sound is missing something.  Dialogue was clear and the special effects convincing with no noticeable distortion even though the sound goes loud of enough for me to think about yelling at the kids to turn them down.

The speakers are active (hence their power), meaning you will need to charge them via a micro-usb cable (not supplied).  One charge is quoted as lasting 8 hours, which under normal use is probably a couple of days or so.  Audio connection is via the attached cable which plugs into headphone socket of your phone.  A nice piece of design means that the same socket which stows the cable is the means to add another and another and another speaker.

The lack of Bluetooth / NFC might raise an eyebrow but to be honest, so what? At price that gives change from €20 it’s a non-issue.  I can imagine the speakers used at BBQs, on long journeys, in the playground etc., so how far away is the phone really going to be?  A good side of this is that you’re not easily going to walk away with your phone and forget the speaker.

As far their new owners are concerned, they are marvellous!  Thanks, Dean.

Note:  I’ve not been asked to provide this review, nor will I receive any payment for it.  We’re just really thankful for the gift and really impressed by how good they are.

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