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Alex describes himself on Twitter as a Christ follower, dad, geek, Mr Fix-it and axe-wielding maniac, in that order.  In reality, these attributes seem to jump around a lot more than he would like.

There are many types of people of who write blogs and I’m probably the worst person in world to write one for a couple of reasons.  Firstly I try to keep a low profile on-line as much possible, and secondly once I start on a topic it’s hard to hit the breaks.

This blog is really just a collection of thoughts by a Jesus follower trying to figure how it all works. It isn’t anything more than a soap-box, a place to rant or just some weird form of therapy.  Feel free to chime in with your comments.  I don’t write these posts as some kind of “this is how it is” thing, more a “this is where I am at”.  When folks comment on the posts, it actually helps me figure out what I really think about a topic.

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For those that care, this blog runs on a virtualised debian web server which is hosted on a box of recycled parts under the stairs at home.  An account with dyn.com routes the traffic.

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Incidentally, if you come across an image which you recognise, please let know so that missing permissions can be sought and credit given.  Actually, whilst I am on that topic, let’s agree that all the pictures in the Galleries are taken by me, and are my own works, and are copyrighted.  If you do want use one for some reason, drop me a line and let me know.