This thing about so much hatred towards Donald Trump.

Let’s get one thing straight. I personally don’t have very much time for Trump. I don’t like his politics or his method for communicating his thoughts. To me, he seems brash, childish, and arrogant. There are also a whole bunch of unsavoury names I could call him. What I am trying to work out now is what’s the best way to respond.

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That bit about the banquet in the enemy camp

I was going on about this blog to one of the ducklings, trying to explain about how the Christian faith still holds water when it just seems like it’s held together with sticky-tape and string.  Somehow we got onto Psalm 23, probably we were talking about the “Beauty from ashes” post.  Anyways, we got to talking about the bit where God says He will prepare a banquet for us in the middle of an enemy camp.  It sounds good when you read it in the bible, but then we had one of those, “wait .. what ??” moments.

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After marriage

My thumb used to rub the empty space where the wedding ring had been for the past 17 or so years.  It’s absence is a reminder of the events of the past years.  “For better, for worse, ’till death do us part.”.  Although both of us are still very much alive, we have parted ways all the same.  Now there comes the long period of readjustment.

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